What is Behind Your Insomnia?

Feel tired at night and too wired to go to sleep? Your nervous system is too excited to feel relaxed?

Maybe you have an emotional difficult time right now and that keeps you awake or lets you toss and turn at night.

There are MANY different reasons why a restful sleep is difficult to achieve.

As my mentor Alex Howard says:

“What happens at night is often a reflection of what’s not being dealt with during the day”.

Sleep is a natural state of surrender. It is where we are letting go. In an ideal world we don’t have to do anything for it to happen, our body naturally goes to sleep. What is stopping us from falling asleep?

Ask yourself this…

1) Is your nervous system on a high-speed highway around bedtime?
2) What emotional state are you in at the end of the day?
3) What is happening in your physical body?

Your physical body can experience blood sugar imbalances, messing with the right sleep hormone signals, it can be that you are eating too late, not late enough, too many carbohydrates, too few carbohydrates. Not enough food, overeating etc. The possibilities are endless. It is important to understand what YOU need to fall asleep.

It is not about what we need to introduce, rather what is in the way of natural sleep.

I encourage you to play detective on what is in the way for you to get optimal sleep.

Try this…

1) Take a hot bath. The reason why I recommend that as a good sleep aid is that it re-heats your body, which is helping in activating sleep hormones. The cooling off after the bath signals the body to go to sleep and you start to feel tired.

2) Meditate, read, family quality time. Make sure to dim the lights as it gets dark outside. Quiet down your activities. Make sure you have relaxing conversations and you are surrounded in a state of calm.

3) Refrain from artificial lights. Too much artificial lights, like blue and green lights emitted from screens of all sorts disrupt our circadian rhythm (our natural wake/sleep cycle). Too much exposure to screens at night, will interfere with melatonin production and interrupts our sleep. Darkness tells our body to go to sleep.

Number 3 may have caused an outcry in you if you belong to the working population and/or have kids and work. Recent global events have caused us to work from home, kids are being taught online and days merge together in one big screen time from dusk til dawn. Sounds familiar?


If you belong to the population who uses screens at night, please be aware that your sleep might be negatively impacted by that behaviour.
Protect your eyes with blue light blocking glasses to minimize your exposure.

My family is now using blue-light blocking glasses on a regular basis.  It makes a huge difference in how tired we feel, how fast we go to sleep and how restful our sleep is.

If this is something you want to try for yourself, here are my recommendations for glasses that our family chose and which we wear on a regular basis:

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