I am so glad you came to my page. I am very excited to share my thoughts on this blog with you and hope that you get inspiration and hope from what I do and what I have to offer.

I just opened up my new practice to serve people with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, autoimmune conditions and other concerns regarding health. I am happy to share my tools, knowledge and practical approach with you to achieve an increased wellbeing and positive outlook in your life.

The landscape of nutrition and wellness advice on the internet can be quite overwhelming and confusing. How are we supposed to know what is good advise, what not and what works for us and what not? This can put us in a state of paralysis, meaning we do nothing and continue to suffer. Do you feel that you want to do something about your help but you are just not sure what, due to all this overwhelming information out there? Let me help to clear up confusion. Together we navigate this information world, find the RIGHT tools, that work for you and get to the root cause of what caused your health to be in that state.

Everybody is bioindividual unique, meaning there is no one-fits-all program or approach to health. I, as a holistic nutritionist, will view the body as a whole, not just focusing on thyroid but all related body systems that might need attention. We look at dietary strategies, mindset, habits and lifestyle, stress levels and everything else that might be crucial to healing. Are you as excited as I am? If you are and you are up for the challenge, reach out to me. Together we can do this.

In good health, sincerely,

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