Testing Meal Kits

  • The meal kits used for testing were generously provided by goodfood2u.ca

Do you often find yourself strapped for time when it comes to prepare dinner? Maybe you haven’t even thought about what to cook for dinner when you come home and then you only find a spoonful of butter in the fridge and nothing else… Sometimes it stresses you out to even think about dinner, you don’t like meal planning, you don’t have the groceries at hand or sometimes you are just tired and you opt for take-out yet again, even though you think to yourself you really shouldn’t…

Ordering meal boxes for dinner, directly delivered to your door, can save you all the dinner hassle. They come with all the ingredients needed for cooking, you just need a few staples like cooking oils and spices and dinner is prepared in no time. Often they come from local and organic sources (including the meat) which also gives you a great nutritional value with your dinner.

Meal boxes save you time on meal planning, grocery shopping and making sure you get a variety of foods into your diet.

Recently I was asked to review meal kits, and comment on the recipes, ingredients and cooking instructions to make sure they are a sound offer. The company Goodfood2u, which offers local and organic produce, delivered to your door all year round, is looking to expand their services. I was happy to try out their recipes and I cooked up a storm at home, making sure your dinner preparation will go smoothly.

I reviewed the recipes for balanced macronutrients, quality of products and if the cooking instructions were easy to follow.

I had fun while cooking and my family enjoyed tasting it all. It was a great experience overall and a good alternative to our busy lifestyles if we don’t want to sacrifice eating healthy.

The recipes I tested were

White fish with sauteed mushroom, kale, tomato

Total prep time: 35 min.

Sweet potato black bean and quinoa skillet + green salad

Prep time: 30 min.
Total time: 50 min.

We loved this dish. My kids (4 and 6 years old) had second helpings, no left-overs sadly 🙁

Garlic chicken stir fry with rice

Prep time: 20 min.
Total time: 35 min.

So yummy!

In good health, sincerely,

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