This program is designed to achieve balanced hormones for men and women. It includes a four week meal plan, recipes, shopping lists, educational material, and an overview on hormonal imbalances. It can be done on your own time or you can work closely together with me to bring you back to optimal health. This program is great for weight loss, thyroid imbalance, menstrual problems, menopause, andropause, estrogen- dominance, etc.


The Complete Hashimoto's Program is the most thorough program of all. It examines all aspects of your Hashimoto’s diagnosis and gets to the root cause for optimal support. Aspects of the liver, adrenal and gut health program will be applied to help your body deal with your symptoms and increase your overall well-being.

This program is designed for approximately six months in total with a 45 minute appointment every two weeks (twelve appointments in total).

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Six month individual coaching to your unique health needs. By invitation only. Book a call with Pamela to inquire.


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