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Pamela Barton is a registered holistic nutritionist (R.H.N.), a natural nutrition-certified practitioner (NNCP), as well as a speaker. In addition to her nutritional training Pamela holds a degree in organizational management from Germany. Based on her corporate background which demonstrated the challenges leaders face, she created the Metabolic Energy Reboot Program (™), a blueprint and implementation program to fast track efforts to achieve sustainable high-energy levels.

Pamela’s program guides clients through their transformative journey from tired and exhausted to vibrant and productive.

Her articles have been featured in Authority Magazine and Thrive global among others.

Pamela has given talks on health and well being in government organizations in Canada and regularly speaks to her Holistic Energy Alignment (H.E.Al) community.

She is available for comments on various topics of natural/holistic health including nutrition, hormones, thyroid, stress, sleep, and ways to increase energy and productivity. 

Pamela Barton, Holistic Nutritionist / Coach / Speaker

About The Author


Pamela Barton is a registered holistic nutritionist and lifestyle coach and the founder of the Metabolic Energy Reboot ™ system, a coaching program for abundant  and sustainable energy levels and productivity.

Pamela’s work incorporates the H.E.Al principles for holistic energy alignment. Sign up for her free training at

About The Author



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REBOOTING THE BODY FOR OPTIMAL ENERGY WITH PAMELA BARTON: On this week's episode of the Genetic Genius Podcast, registered holistic nutritionist, Pamela Barton discusses how to say good bye to fatigue and reboot the body building sustainable and long lasting energy.


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Pamela Barton of Butterfly Holistic Nutrition + Lifestyle On The 5 Things You Need To Do To Achieve a Healthy Body Weight, And Keep It Permanently.


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How to Have More Energy for your Everyday Life - with Pamela Barton: If you’ve been wanting or needing more ENERGY in your everyday - today’s episode with Pamela Barton is for you.


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Sleep well: Another very important player in healthy body weight is sleep. Almost half of all adults in North America do not sleep well enough. It’s not just a matter of hours of sleep but also the quality of sleep. If we are not feeling rested upon waking, our day will not start off great.

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Coaching on Holistic Health: On this episode of Diva Tonight - We talk to Pamela about a holistic approach to nutrition. We talk about your reason why and how important it is

Are you looking for a reason to get back on track with your physical health


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The Popular Food Dietitians Say You Should Stop Having ASAP Because It Causes High Blood Pressure--It’s Not Salt!: High blood pressure and heart related issues are eerily common in America. As a matter of fact, nearly half of all adults in the U.S. have hypertension, or high blood pressure, according to some studies.

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Strengthening Your Immune System: This episode Holistic Nutritionist Pamela Barton discusses little by little tips to help build your immune each day. More than ever we need to rely on our immune system to protect our health.

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If you have ever embarked on a metabolic journey, trying to lose weight, getting more energy, preventing diabetes or improving heart health, you have probably resorted to the internet and the media to research and find answers only to end up being confused.
This article reveals some myths that I want to debunk today to help you gain clarity on this subject.


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Dr. Pat Boulogne, Nutrigenomic Nation Podcast With Brian Highfield: In our conversation, Pamela quickly gets to the core of what causes energy imbalances and how we can achieve more energy following a simple program that gets us to what she calls a Bliss state.


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Nutrition and Your Productivity: Today I have a special guest on the Resilience Reset Pamela Barton, R.H.N., NNCP, Founder of Butterfly Nutrition. We'll be diving into all things nutrition and how that will impact your #success.


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The Intuitive Parents EP9: On today's episode of the Intuitive Parents Podcast Dr. Frances Malone chats with Pamela Barton about helping families achieve their goals in letting their family eat healthy. Pamela is a registered holistic nutritionist and her mission is to help people transition to a whole foods based diet for better health overall.


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Pandemic episode #80 Pamela Barton: Our guest today, Pamela Barton, is a Holistic nutritionist and her business is called, "Butterfly Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle". Pamela tells us, " My mission is to help tired and overwhelmed individuals get energetic and productive again, so that they can fulfill their life dreams, without being held back by what they feel". Her work is focused on, "individuals dealing with metabolic health issues, low energy, hormonal imbalance and auto immune conditions...who are ready to embark on a healing journey".

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