Meal planning no more:

Are you looking for a service that takes the chore out of your daily meal planning? Are you lacking ideas on how to feed yourself? The grocery store seems daunting?

This plan will help you get organized about your daily food intake and guides you through shopping and cooking.

Are you following a special diet or have dietary restrictions? No problem we got you covered.

Your daily meal plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks. It comes with  a printable grocery list, a recipe book, and tips and tricks for preparing the meals. Your food and prep time preferences will be taken into account.

Let's get cooking!

The meal planning service comes with a 30 minute assessment and can be combined with a consultation to learn more about structuring a meal for your unique needs. Inquire details here:



"I purchased Pamela's meal plan and nearly every meal I have made has been a hit with my family (and me!). I have added to my repertoire of healthy meals and learned some new, easy ways to save time as well. Plus, her shopping list helps me coordinate what I need." ~ Elle. I.