Is Stress Making You Gain Weight?

Have you felt the horror of gaining weight without knowing why? We all know when we are bingeing, and if we do it too much, we know we will gain weight. But what if you are not overeating?

Well, here are a few weight-gaining facts:

  • Low thyroid function can make you put on the pounds.
  • Excess estrogen can contribute to weight gain.
  • High cortisol from stress promotes weight gain around the waist.
  • Stress promotes low thyroid function and the production of excess estrogen.

Get the picture? Decisions are being made for you, and it’s not all about how much you eat or exercise.

What if you are bingeing and you don’t know why?

Sugar cravings are the most common cause of “bingeing.” They can have an emotional component, but often it’s just blood sugar levels dropping too low. Your body thinks you are in danger and turns on the craving machine to make you eat.

Stress and anxiety are a reason for bingeing on a smaller scale – you know, snacking. Do you recognize this feeling? You feel like a little something and then another little something, and then the next thing you know you have been munching all day long.

This is a common scenario for many of my clients who suffer from other issues like fibroids, diabetes, arthritis, depression, and PMS, and so many other conditions.

And it all starts with stress and too many stress hormones that are out of whack.

So, what can you do? First, start by changing what you eat and when. Find techniques that help you relax. When you turn down the stress hormones as soon as you get a chance, it can make a huge difference.

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