Introducing The 3 in 5 Health Transformation Method (HTM) – Step into Your True Potential

Introducing the 3 in 5 Health transformation method (HTM) – your formula to step into your true potential without feeling sick and tired.

There comes a time in your life where you might face a health challenge or health scare. Yes, to be honest, you saw it coming for a long time but you never really paid attention or did something about it.

Maybe your doctor told you to watch your diet, to lose weight or start medication to regulate things like blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

Many of my clients are faced with a chronic illness or condition for quite some time. Most have tried several diets, remedies, supplements, exercise etc., only to realize they were never fully satisfied with the outcome or they gave up at some point, thinking it is too hard to continue.

Deep down we all know we need to change our lifestyle, if we truly want to recover and reclaim our full health and well-being. But that is a scary thought. We love our comfort zone, we value our habits and we are attached to the life we built around it. If this would have to change, we are faced with a big interruption of our patterns. It will shake us to the core, it will set free anxiety, negative belief systems and our body mobilizes all resources to keep us where we are. This is the moment when we give up. When we think we can’t do it, it’s too hard. It’s not for me, it’s not working, I will never get healthy again, let’s just settle for what is…

It’s depressing just reading this, isn’t it? But the truth is, that’s how we are wired. Our brain protects what is, if we don’t really want to change. It makes sure we stay put. That is how the brain keeps our body in what’s called homeostasis – in balance. It’s a protection mechanism.

But what if our current state does not serve us anymore? We have fallen ill, with a chronic condition that conventional medicine wants to treat with pills. They tell us that that’s our new normal, we better accept it and live with it. And many of us do, we accept these “facts” and settle for it. We make sure to build a network around us, that helps us cope with our situation. Where we find people who are “just like us”, so we can suffer together. There, life is good. We have our social network of supporters, we accepted our situation, we just live with it and we have no expectations anymore of ever getting out of it.

But what if we could reclaim our life and it’s true potential, if we actually can reach for the stars? We condition ourselves by thinking this is for the young, but I am old, I don’t need to reach for the stars anymore….

So let me repeat my previous question: But what if this is not serving us anymore? What if we feel there is still life inside of us, that wants to be expressed, things we want to do and accomplish. There are still things on our bucket list that aren’t scratched off yet. We have a voice inside of us that reminds us of this fact, and ever so often it starts to surface and it irritates us. It makes us moody, angry, depressed … at first we succeed in suppressing this little “reminder voice” inside of us. It takes energy to suppress it but we manage, until it gets louder. Our mind and our body is giving us more signals, that it is not happy with us. Maybe we face another health scare, another chronic or acute condition we have to face and maybe things happen around us that shake our foundation and our sense of security.

This is not a fluke or a coincidence but a logic consequence of how we chose to lead our life.

Our body and mind wants to live. Now you say, so do I, so what’s the point? The point is, it wants to express on the highest level for what’s possible for you when you were given life. It does not want to settle for less, it wants to live life to the fullest, expressing all your talents and gifts and contributing to this world in your fullest capacity.

If you settle for less, you suppress this energy which cannot express. The result is stagnant energy in the body which creates sickness and disease.

For those of you reading this and wanting to change for good to allow your body, your soul and yourself to explore what your highest potential is – and mind you there is no age limit on this – I have good news!

I believe that it is possible for you to recover from ANY chronic condition and restore your full life force! This is possible for anybody, no exception.

Read the second part to find out what my teaching method is all about.

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