Are the holidays a time of indulgence for you? Every year, do you find yourself surrounded by sugary treats like cookies, doughnuts, chocolates, cakes, and pies? And do you end up eating them WAYYYY before Christmas? And when the festivities arrive, you eat turkey, stuffing, potatoes with second helpings, you drink booze (maybe a little too much), and then desserts (again)... and repeat for the next few days... Phew! Fun, isn't it?

How do we get from here back to a more balanced and moderate way of eating once January comes around?

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Join me in my GETTING BACK ON TRACK one week challenge! With this challenge, you will get:

  • A 7-day meal plan. All recipes are easy to make and contain whole foods that are easy to digest, increase your energy, and reduce your cravings. If you have dietary restrictions or follow a certain diet, don't fret, we've got you covered—just let me know.
  • The corresponding grocery list, which makes it easy for you to shop for the week and be prepared.
  • Tips on how to organize the week without stress so it will be fun and rewarding!
  • Daily tips on how lifestyle changes can compliment your nutritious meals.
  • Access to my Facebook group for daily support, questions, concerns, and to post your delicious food pictures.

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