1. What is Hashimoto’s?

Some people get diagnosed with an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) at some point in their lives. If this is your diagnosis, it is worth checking to see if there are also antibodies present. A higher-than-normal antibody count in the blood would indicate that there is an autoimmune component to the underactive thyroid. In that case, the body is attacking its own tissue—including the thyroid, which may be a reason the thyroid is struggling. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is the name of this autoimmune condition to the thyroid as it was identified by a Japanese scientist named Hashimoto.

2. Why is my business called Butterfly?

My passion is to help those with thyroid conditions to get the help they need to live the life they dream about. The thyroid gland resembles a butterfly in its shape. It has two lobes that look like butterfly wings, connected with a piece in the middle. Therefore, the thyroid gets associated with a butterfly. In spiritual education, you will find that the butterfly is the symbol for the highest transformation. Transformation is my mission for my clients and myself. Transforming towards excellent health and thyroid wellbeing is what I stand for, hence the butterfly in my company name. 

3. Why do I want to see a holistic nutritionist and how can it benefit me?

Our main goal is to educate on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and give tools to proactively prevent lifestyle diseases.

We help our clients find the right foods that benefit their body and needs. Our work is always custom-made, as we are all biochemically unique. There is no one-size-fits-all approach!

When working with us, you will receive your own unique plan on how to improve your health and wellness. It is designed with your own situation, stress level, capabilities, food preferences, schedule, and lifestyle in mind. 

We provide the help and tools to implement a new plan into your life and hold you accountable for it. We help with information on where to buy the food, how to grocery shop and read labels, how to prepare food, how to schedule and organize yourself around it, or provide you with done-for-you meal plans to make implementation easier for you. 

4. What are the recommendations based on?

The foundation of our work is to assess the body as a whole organism where organs and body systems work synchronistically. When there are imbalances, the body cannot perform at its best and function as it is supposed to. 

We do not only assess the physical components, but we also look at the body-mind-spirit connection that plays an important role in health and wellness. 

Our dietary recommendations are based on whole foods—free of additives, preservatives, and other chemicals—to provide the body with proper nutrients for optimal health. 

5. What else is important to know when seeing a holistic nutritionist?

We believe that digestion is key for a healthy and long life. Without a proper digestion all the GOOD food cannot be absorbed and utilized properly. This also impacts energy levels and mood. Working on proper digestive health is often the main focus of our work.

6. Do you perform lab testing?

We do not perform lab tests or equivalent testing. Our assessment methods are based on symptoms and wellbeing. Clients can bring lab work or diagnoses with them and we implement those concerns into our protocol. 

7. What is the welcome package?

Our welcome package is designed to get to know you and find the right plan for you. Your goals become our goals and we set up a strategy on how to get there. You can expect a thorough lifestyle and food assessment. You will receive a sample meal plan, supplement recommendations (if suitable), relevant information, and lifestyle tools to get you started. 

Moving on, we do more specific work—targeting your unique health situation to get you back on track. Remember that we are your personal coach, always adjusting, motivating, and accessible throughout your transformation journey. We are there for you and want you to succeed!

Let's get started!