Continuing The 3 in 5 Health Transformation Method (HTM) – My Teaching Method

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I believe that it is possible for you to recover from ANY chronic condition and restore your full life force! This is possible for anybody, no exception.


If you are willing to do the work it takes to achieve optimal health and well-being and living your fullest potential, I have good news again!

I have created a formula that covers all aspects that are promoting health and well-being, and I have used it on myself and my private coaching clients for years. ALL OF THEM SEE RESULTS! The testimonials and success stories are manifold. Great lives emerge out of this transformation and most often, my clients were surprised what they discovered on the other side. Many outperformed their wildest dreams when implementing my easy-to-follow approach.

Let me share my story to illustrate how I developed my unique approach, that led me to recover from an autoimmune thyroid condition, and restored my health and well-being in my 40s.

During my pregnancy with my first child, I was put on thyroid medication after tests showed that my TSH marker was too high. I accepted this – even though it bugged me – to not endanger my developing baby. In my second pregnancy, my dosage increased and that was the point where I no longer wanted to accept this fact. My doctor had also told me that I most likely had to stay on the meds for the rest of my life. This was a total shock to me, as I felt way too young to take meds for the rest of my life. This was the moment I decided that things had to change. I did not want to be this type of role model for my kids, that taught them that we have to rely on medication to live.


I was determined to find whatever it was, to help my body to restore optimal thyroid function and support anything else that was out of whack.

I spent hundreds of hours researching the mechanism behind my condition, proven and anecdotal evidence of what worked and what didn’t. I had spent 3 years on becoming literate about thyroid conditions, chronic health conditions, the mechanism and how body and mind worked to figure out how to help myself.

Nutrition was one of the bigger pieces to my puzzle and I decided to get another education in “Natural Nutrition” to solve my own food struggles – which I didn’t know I had at the time.

My own health journey is still ongoing but I have come very far already in the past 10 years.
I no longer have any symptoms, whatsoever, and I have sustained energy throughout the day, no mood swings, regular periods, reduced perceived stress and optimal lab results.

When applying for life insurance recently (in my 40s), I received an elite rate (20% discount) due to my outstanding blood results.

I can say that I have never been healthier in my life than I am right now. And I continue to improve what needs improvement.

My story is meant to inspire and encourage you. I am no different than you are. I am not more strong-willed or have any other talents you don’t have. I know that you can achieve the exact same thing. And here is the secret on how it works:



That’s the only thing you need. Nothing else is required. If you commit to do the work, you will write your own success story. It works every single time.

I am here to support you, guide you and cheer you on, as you embark on your own journey to health and wellness.

“Your chronic health condition is not your destiny but an invitation to change”

Come and take the jump! You will be glad you did!

Here is how the 3 in 5 Health Transformation method works:


Over the course of 6 months, we will be working on 5 areas in your life. Examine what the current state is and then making changes to move in a healthier direction.

The 5 areas are:


When looking at these 5 areas, we determine which one needs the biggest focus and create a strategy on how to move forward.

Each category has 3 teaching elements that we will be looking at. We will discover reasonable action steps for you to implement into your life. Working on all these areas will provide your body with the necessary resources and fuel to initiate an innate healing response.


You will be surprised about how you feel even in a short period of time.

The 3 teaching elements of the 5 categories are as follows:

Healing vs. Blocking
Goal setting, obstacles, limiting beliefs
Upper limit problem, confidence and owning the decision

Internal, external, emotional & traumatic
Manifestation & triggers
Moving into stress-free living and unlocking highest potential

Whole foods vs. Processed foods
Personalized eating
Repair and restore optimal digestive function

Sleep support
Social life – explore and create
Soul food – what makes you happy

Body & Mind movement
Personalized activities
Challenge and wellness


If you feel intrigued now to learn more, read the next chapter, where I will be explaining each category in more depth.

If you are ready to transform your health, book your Discovery Call with me HERE.

Next week I will be releasing the chapter MINDSET.

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