Close up: How do you work with me as your nutritionist?

Ever wondered what working with a nutritionist actually looks like? What are the benefits to you and why should you care?…

Let’s look at this more closely. I will walk you through a mock-up process of how it would be like, if you were to work with me.

Let’s assume you recently saw your doctor/naturopath/care giver and they suggested that you should do some lifestyle changes. This could be diet changes, stress reduction, getting back your mojo and joy etc.

Your health has suffered in recent years, you have developed some chronic conditions, maybe you need to be on medication, maybe you are on the verge of it. Whatever it is, you feel it’s time that things need to change.

How to get started to change how you feel

The first thing you would do is book a free discovery session with me. We will talk about what is going on and what your goal is. Where you want to be and what you would like to achieve. We will take time for this, usually around 45-60 minutes to get a good understanding of the situation that needs to change.

Depending on our findings, I will put together a proposal on how we can achieve our goals.

The proposal can contain coaching and accountability, meal planning, recipes, stress reduction, body-mind work, sleep enhancement and more.

A part of my coaching will be to make sure that you can easily implement changes into your daily life without feeling overwhelmed.  All the steps necessary will fit to your lifestyle, your willingness and your goal in mind.

We look at obstacles and belief systems and make sure we find the key to your success. I will make sure you get all the support and help you need to achieve your goals.

Working with me is a journey, a journey towards better health and better habits with me as your accountability coach. I have many years of experience on turning people’s lives around and helping them achieve their health and wellness goals. And our time together is often just the first step to transforming their lives in other areas as well. I have seen people become very successful in their personal and professional lives.


Here are some of the words my clients used:

Pamela’s program is efficient and effective. The steps are easy to implement and brought me the desired results. With her help and accountability I was able to push through rough patches and establish a new healthier living routine. I am more productive and energetic now in my fast paced work environment.”

Pamela is very dedicated in helping you in regards to your health issues Pamela is very dedicated in helping you in regards to your health issues and your eating habits. After my surgery, she did her research in finding me, the best vitamins supplements to help me heal faster, including simple easy nutritious healthy recipes in order for me to be on the fast road to recovery. Thank you Pamela for all your help.”

My impressions were right! Pamela is solution-driven, attentive, responsive and thorough. She takes the time I needed to answer all my questions. I do not feel rushed whatsoever (like it can be in other practices). I am happy, energetic and outgoing again. It has been so long since I felt like this. Thanks Pamela, really. I’m a new man. Your help went above and beyond what it cost me.

Invest in yourself today and you will reap the benefits for many years to come. I have seen it happen and you cannot put a price tag on that.

If you feel that you would explore your options in working with me on your unique goal, book a free discovery call with me here.

I can’t wait to talk to you.


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