What would abundant energy do for you?

Do you often feel that there is a gap between how you want to show up in the world and how you feel?

Do you feel like you could use a nap each day, but you have meetings and work and family etc.?

You start your day with large coffees and sugary foods to get going? Hoping to hide the fact that you feel tired?

Brain fog is your constant companion and it takes a lot of energy to push through?

Welcome, you have come to the right place! We take care of you, so that you can show up as the leader you want to be!

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Metabolic Energy Reboot

The meds free way to regain your vitality

and find your happiness again - in three easy steps!

Meet Pamela

Pamela Barton is a registered holistic nutritionist, a natural nutrition-certified practitioner, and a speaker. In addition to her nutritional training Pamela holds a degree in organisational management. Based on her corporate background which demonstrated the challenges leaders face, she created the Metabolic Energy Reboot Program (™), a blueprint and implementation program to fast track efforts to achieve sustainable high-energy levels.

Pamela’s program guides clients through their transformative journey from tired and exhausted to vibrant and productive.

Pamela has given talks on health and well being in government organizations in Canada and regularly speaks to her Holistic Energy Alignment (H.E.A.l.) community. She is available for comment on various topics of natural/holistic health including nutrition, hormones, thyroid, stress, sleep, and ways to increase energy and productivity.

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Media Bio

"Pamela is very dedicated in helping you in regards to your health issues and your eating habits. After my surgery, she did her research in finding me, the best vitamins supplements to help me heal faster, including simple easy nutritious healthy recipes in order for me to be on the fast road to recovery. Thank you Pamela for all your help.”

Claudette L

“Pamela’s program is efficient and effective. The steps are easy to implement and brought me the desired results. With her help and accountability I was able to push through rough patches and establish a new healthier living routine. I am more productive and energetic now in my fast paced work environment.”


Pamela L

“Phenomenal. I am so glad I invested in my health. I never knew how good I could actually feel until Pamela showed me the way. Forever grateful, thank you!”

"I had been seeing other RHNs in Ottawa for a while, not finding the level of tailored help I needed. That's when I found Pamela. What drew me to her was her extensive experience, her social media savvy where I could tell that she kept abreast of the latest in holistic health, and her detailed/informative website.

My impressions were right! Pamela is solution-driven, attentive, responsive and thorough. She also takes the time needed to answer all my questions and I do not feel rushed whatsoever (like it can be in other practices).

Fast forward to now: Through her advice and that of her connections at Ottawa Holistic Wellness, and carefully assigned natural supplements, I am today SIBO-free. Pamela and I are now working to re-introduce the foods I couldn't eat for years (I was basically down to the Paleo diet crossed with Low FODMAP diet, which is tough but necessary to starve the bad gut bacteria). I am happy, energetic and outgoing again! I can't recall how long its been since I felt like this. Thanks Pamela, really. I'm a new man. Your help went above and beyond what it cost me."


"I have followed this program myself, with great results. With her knowledge and guidance, Pam has helped me lose 20+ pounds and balance my hormones. I was able to regulate my cycle, and become pregnant. I recommend Pamela and Butterfly Holistic Nutrition without hesitation."

Louise L

"I just completed the Gut protocol, and my digestion has never been so great, even before Hashimoto's. Pamela is very knowledgeable and supportive, and will know how to tailor your plan so it works best for your needs!"

Jasmine G

"I truly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Pamela. Her understanding of nutrition as well as seeing your body as a whole being (emotional, physical and spiritual) impressed me the most. Pamela understood my needs which helped me to see more clearly the direction that I needed."

Pat H.


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